Machine 2 Machine


What are the Benefits of M2M?

  • Build loyalty by offering unique consumer services
    • Providing pro-active maintenance, informing customers before problems occur, rather than being contacted by customers after problems have occurred.
    • Providing real-time utilities consumption information, giving consumers control of their utilities’ spending and immediate usage feed-back.

  • Develop new transaction-based business models and revenue streams
    • Enabling complex-advanced revenue models, which can be more or less desirable, based on how much effort a business needs to invest.

More benefits ..

  • Reduce costs
    • Providing remote maintenance; reducing costly site visits and pre-empting expensive breakdowns and downtime.
    • Providing online connectivity without the need for costly cabling and fixed line communication costs.

  • Enhance operations
    • Enabling smart services, allowing companies to move from selling products to supplying managed services, thus avoiding commodity price competition.