Vodafone Flex Coins

Vodafone Flex Coins

Flex Coins

Vodafone Flex is offering its customers a new program “Flex-Coins” that will provide an exceptional experience

Without any extra cost, for every flex you consume from your Flex bundle or Flex Extras you’ll be granted 1 Flex-Coin (1 Flex = 1 Flex-Coin)

You’ll be able to use your Flex-Coins to buy telecom services and 365 offers (500 Coins = 1LE)

Flex bundles
Flex Extras
Super Flex

Or any discounts at any of our partners for 500 coins


Discounts starting at 30% on the Flex menu


Discounts starting at 30% on the Flex menu

Pizza Hut

Discounts starting at 30% on the Flex menu

Hardees menu

500 Flex coins = 30 % discount or more on Flex menu !

- D.Cheese + Wrapper = 50 EGP instead of 61.5 EGP

- D.Cheese Combo+GoldenBites = 50 EGP instead of 61.5 EGP

- Mushroom Reg Combo+Cookie = 45 EGP instead of 59.5EGP

- Famous Reg Combo+ Cookie = 45 EGP instead of 54EGP

- Wrapper+GoldenBites = 45 EGP instead of 86.5EGP

Vodafone Hardees menu

KFC menu

500 Flex coins = 30 % discount or more on Flex menu !

- Roller meal = 17 EGP instead of 25.99

- Mix meal = 42EGP instead of 68.48 EGP

- Rice+sripes meal = 24 EGP instead of 36.48EGP

- Crispy strips meal = 45 EGPinstead of 72.98EGP

- Individual meal = 60 EGP instead of 120EGP

- Family meal = 124 EGP instead of 191EGP

Vodafone KFC menu

Pizza Hut menu

- Pan Pizza medium (Margarita, Pepperoni, Veggie or Spicy Hot Dog) + Pepsi for 60LE instead of 91.5LE !

- Squared Pizza (Margarita, Pepperoni or Veggie) + Potato Wedges + Salad + Pepsi for 60LE instead of 110LE


Vodafone Egypt has the right to change any of the conditions of the Flex-Coins program without returning to the customer. For Example(Not inclusive to):

  • Ending Flex-Coin program.

  • Change bundles Flex-Coins pricing.

  • Change Flex-Coins validity.

  • Change Flex-Coins partners.

  • Change Flex-Coins services.

  • Customers can’t use Flex-Coins to buy smaller bundles.

  • If customer changes rateplan to a non-Flex tariff, all Flex-Coins are lost.

  • Customers can’t refund any of the consumed Flex-Coins.

  • Flex-Coins can’t be used more than once.

  • Flex-Coins can be used at our partners given that there are no violations to partners’ own Terms&Conditions.

  • Vodafone Egypt isn’t responsible for any occurring direct or indirect problem between customers & partners.

  • This offer is valid for a limited time.