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Red Family
Vodafone RED

RED is bringing you the latest Entertainment Apps in the market that fit your needs when it comes to VOD, Music & Sports. Immerse yourself in all the content that is brought to you by Anghami Plus, Shahid VIP, OSN Streaming, beIN Connect and WATCHiT!

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Vodafone RED

Red is introducing the Family Sharing feature, where you will be able to add family members, share your bundle together and call each other for free.

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Vodafone RED

Now for the first time in Egypt, you will be able to TAKE YOUR BUNDLE ABROAD! You will be able to enjoy your local megabytes while roaming for a number of weeks per year.

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RED is introducing new plans that is inclusive of everything you and your family love, all on one bill.

Now with RED you will enjoy subscriptions to your favorite apps like OSN streaming, Shahid VIP , beIN CONNECT , Watch IT and Anghami , also you will enjoy a free DSL bundle and for the first time in Egypt you will be able to take your bundle abroad and consume from your local bundle while roaming.

If you are already a postpaid customer, visit or download Ana Vodafone App to migrate to the rate plan you want.

If you are a prepaid customer, Head to the nearest retail store to migrate to RED.

Visit or download Ana Vodafone App to send an invitation to your loved ones to join your RED family

For the first time in Egypt, you will be able to Take Your Bundle Abroad!

Now you can enjoy your local megabytes while roaming for a certain number of weeks per year. Upon utilizing the free weeks, you can purchase an extra one for 500 LE.

Based on your rate plan, you will have a free DSL Bundle, varying between 140 GBs or 300 GBs for free. You can also upgrade to a higher bundle and only pay the difference.

  • Fair Usage Policy is applied as below:
    • RED ESSENTIAL: 3000 minutes
    • RED ADVANCE: 5000 minutes
    • RED PRIME: 7000 minutes
    • RED ELITE: 10000 minutes
  • Mobile internet after bundle charging: You will enjoy the lowest megabyte rate of Red Data Assistant charging mechanism.
  • Take Your Bundle Abroad:
    • Fair Usage Policy is 10 gigabytes per week.
    • This service is working in the following countries:

Saudi Arabic, UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, New Zealand, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, South Africa, Ghana, Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Albania & Lesotho.

  • App subscriptions is valid as long as you are on RED plans and available apps will be updated every year.
  • All prices are tax exclusive.
  • Handset Installments:
  • You have to pay a down payment of 20%
  • You have to have stayed on RED for 12 months with the last 6 bills paid on time


RedRamdan promo Terms&conditions :



  • Offer available to the new RED rate plans only
  • WATCHiT subscription is only available to RED 300 and RED 500 during Ramadan (new RED rate plans only)
  • WATCHiT subscription is available all year to RED Prime & RED Elite (new RED rate plans only)
  • WATCHiT Promo will be available to RED 300 & RED 500 starting 1st day of Ramadan
  • WATCHiT Promo will expire for RED 300 & RED 500 last day of Ramadan

10 GBs Promo

  • RED customers (all base except RED Welcome) to enjoy up-to 10 GBs of streaming to be consumed on Shahid VIP & WATCHiT
  • RED Classic to enjoy up-to 9 GBs of streaming to be consumed on Shahid VIP & WATCHiT
  • Customers can only redeem through Ana Vodafone App
  • Customers can not opt-out from this promo
  • Customers can stream for free on Shahid VIP & WATCHIT! during Ramadan
  • Up-to 10GBs free streaming quota valid until the last day of Ramadan on Shahid VIP & WATCHiT
  • When the customer finishes his/her streaming bundle, he/she will go back to his normal usage


  • Customers on the New RED Portfolio will have up-to 10 Gifts to dedicate to anyone in Vodafone Base
  • The 10 gifts are divided into 5 WATCHiT! Vouchers and 5 GB Streaming Quota (Each gift for 1GB)
  • The Streaming Quota gift & the WATCHiT Voucher gift will be valid for redemption for 7 days. Which means that the Customer B has 7 days to redeem the gift once customer A has sent the gift. If customer B did not redeem the gift within 7 days, the gift will be expired and he cannot redeem it.
  • Once the customer places the voucher in the WATCHIT Website/App it will be valid for 3 days only
  • Anyone in Vodafone Base can receive the dedications
  • Anyone outside of Vodafone Base cannot receive dedications
  • Customers can dedicate/send gifts only from Ana Vodafone APP
  • Only the new RED Rate Plans (RED 300,500,700,1000) are eligible to send the gifts



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As we appreciate every moment you spend with us. we designed Red points program to offer you an exceptional. worldclass experience