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Vodafone Together We Can

Recharge with 10 LE or more, your card will be rechargeable more than once for you and your loved ones! With every recharge you will receive a gift for every year we have spent together!


To enjoy the promotion

- Recharge with 10 LE or more

- Dial *1# to redeem your 10 times the recharge gift

- Recharge through any recharge channel, receive a gift for every year we have spent together. to enjoy your gifts go on

  • The gift balance can be used as minutes or SMS to Vodafone or Megabytes at a standard rate of 20 piasters per unit. Minutes to any other Telecom provider will be 10 units. Validity to redeem the gift is 4 days
  • The promotion is valid for all recharges of 10 LE or more.
  • The promotion is available on all recharge cards including: normal recharge cards, Mared cards, Electronic Top-up, Vodafone Vouchers and Vodafone cash.
  • You can redeem your gift sent upon recharge for a maximum of 1.5 LE redemption fees, and the gift will be valid up to 24 hours.
  • Dedication will be sent automatically to #Team010 members and the remaining dedications can be dedicated to others throughout the promo duration.
  • You can redeem the gift recharges dedicated from others for redemption fees, and the gift expiry durations start from 3 hours up to 8 hours.
  • Kol Lahza Card main dedications can be dedicated to different Vodafone numbers, where each number can receive only one dedication from each card.
  • Dial *1*1#, to manage the promo or its notifications.
  • Dial *10*1# to manage your team010 members or remove yourself from a team.
  • With every recharge more than 10 LE you will receive a gift for every year you spent on Vodafone, with a maximum of 1 recharge per day
  • You can redeem all these gifts for free and their validity is up to 3 days
  • The promotion is valid on all Prepaid, Flex Control, IN, and Enterprise Control rate plans.
  • The promotion is valid for a limited time only.
  • The promotion’s gifts are valid inside Egypt only.
  • Fees, terms and conditions apply
  • The Gifts are, E-money voucher from Vodafone cash, Vouchers from BIM, Discounts & Vouchers from KFC, discounts and vouchers from Ravin, Vouchers and Discounts from Raneen, Discounts and Vouchers in Talabat, Vouchers on Vodafone Play, Discount from Batates and Zalabya, Discount from Activ (Abou Alaa), and Iphone 13

Details of the discounts and gifts:

  • 50 EGP discount on Vodafone Meal from KFC ( 2 COB, 3 chicken strips, 1 rice, 1 hash brown, 1 coleslaw, 2 buns , 1 pepsi)
  • Up tp 20% discount in Raneen, 20 % on upholstery, 10% on houswares, excluding electronics and home appliances
  • 50 EGP discount in Noon with a minimum purchase of 150 EGP
  • 30 EGP discount in Talabat with a minimum purchase of 60 EGP
    • Voucher can be redeemed once
    • The voucher should be used in restaurants who apply use vouchers through this link https://bit.ly/3Hg5pw8
    • These restaurants which accepts the voucher are based on the location of the order and are found in collection filter called “Use voucher”
    • Offer available for a limited time or till stocks last
  • 70% discount in Active (Abou Alaa), 30% on non-discounted items and 10% on discount items
  • 35% discount on Coup, discount 5% over discounted items.
  • Play vouchers have a limit of 30 EGP

iPhone Prize:

  • The customer is excluded from winning the prize if it is proven that any of the company’s operating systems have been tampered with or that there is a kinship with any of Vodafone’s employees up to the fourth degree
  • The award will be received from the company’s headquarters in the Smart Village - Vodafone Building C2 within two weeks of receiving the text message, and in the event of no attendance, the award will be given to another customer

Ramadan Plus Promo

Win Free Shahid VIP Mobile subscription and Megabytes for every year we’ve spent together when you renew, upgrade, or subscribe in any internet bundle

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