Get free Subscription to WATCHIT & Shahid with Vodafone on Ramadan

Thank you endlessly


To enjoy Recharge & Win promo

- Recharge with 10 LE or more

- Dial *1# to redeem your 10 times the recharge gift

- Press Here to enjoy your second day gift.

Terms & Conditions:

• The gift balance can be used as minutes or SMS to Vodafone or Megabytes at a standard rate of 20 piasters per unit. Minutes to any other     Telecom provider will be 10 units. Validity to redeem the gift is 4 days
•  The promotion is valid for all recharges of 10 LE or more.
• The promotion is available on all recharge cards including: normal recharge cards, Mared cards, Electronic Top-up, Vodafone Vouchers and     Vodafone cash.
• You can redeem your gift sent upon recharge for a maximum of 1.5 LE redemption fees, and the gift will be valid up to 24 hours.
• Dedication will be sent automatically to #Team010 members and the remaining dedications can be dedicated to others throughout the          promo duration.
• You can redeem the gift recharges dedicated from others for redemption fees, and the gift expiry durations start from 3 hours up to 8             hours.
• Mn hena le bokra Card main dedications can be dedicated to different Vodafone numbers, where each number can receive only one               dedication from each card. 
• Dial *1*1#, to manage the promo or its notifications. 
• Dial *10*1# to manage your team010 members or remove yourself from a team.
• With every recharge more than 10 LE you will receive a gift today and a gift tomorrow with a maximum of 1 recharge per day
• You can redeem tomorrow’s gift  for free and their validity is up to 3 days
• The promotion is valid on all Prepaid, Flex Control, IN, and Enterprise Control rate plans.
• The promotion is valid for a limited time only.
• The promotion’s gifts are valid inside Egypt only.
• Fees, terms and conditions apply
• The Gifts are Megabytes or points on new Shokran Loyalty Program that will be continuing after Ramadan. Customers will be able to collect points via recharge and renewing bundles to reach certain tiers and convert their points to money on their Vodafone cash wallets, they can use the money on Vodafone cash ecosystem normally except withdrawals or send to peers. Also they can buy vouchers from our partners ( KFC, Bim, Talabat, El malky, Tseppas) 
• Partners vouchers in valid for 3 days




Shokran Loyalty Program

Vodafone Together We Can

With every pound spend on our products, you will get points on Shokran program to be converted to money on your Vodafone cash wallet!

To enjoy the promotion

Renew Flex, Plus, ADSL, Home Wireless or Fakka card 9 or more to get points on Shokran program and convert them into money on Vodafone cash wallet
Go Here to review Shokran Program

Terms & Conditions:

•    The Loyalty program for all Vodafone Customers
•    Products eligible for the program upon subscription and renewals
o    Flex
o    Plus and Extreme
o    DSL
o    Home Wireless
o    Fakka cards 9 – 13.5 – 15
•    Vodafone Business Flex and Plus bundles will be granted points upon bill issuance
•    Points assigned after deducting 14%-30% Taxes
•    Reviewing and converting loyalty points will be on Ana Vodafone application
•    Vodafone Cash wallet is required to be able to convert Shokran points.
•    Migrated customers from Postpaid to prepaid will not transfer their points
•    Migrated customers from prepaid to postpaid will not transfer their points
•    Points assigned for products spend not upon recharge
•    Points expires after 12 months
•    Converted Money cannot be withdrawn or money transfer
•    Converted money expires after 3 days
•    Points must be converted at certain tiers:
o    500 point = 5 EGP
o    1000 point = 20 EGP
o    3000 point = 100 EGP
o    5000 point = 200 EGP
•    Money granted from loyalty points can be accumulated with Vodafone Cashback



El KATALOG is a hub where you can find TV Shows recommendations, Where to watch, What’s trending now, Rate & Vote for your favorite characters and shows and you can easily share with friends, create your personalized list and track your episodes!

* If you are not a Vodafone user migrate now to enjoy all the perks, for more info please visit the nearest Vodafone store.


Fawazeer Vodafone

1. Play Fawazeer Vodafone to win a gift everyday.

2. Collect a piece of the puzzle with every question you get correct.

3. Win daily gift when you get 5 questions correct.

4. Win Mega Prize when you complete the puzzle.

5. You have 20 seconds to answer every question.

6. You can use Hints to exclude 2 from the 4 choices to win faster.

7. You can replace a question with another question.

Ramadan Plus Promo

Renew your Vodafone Plus bundle during Ramadan in 2024 and you will get a free subscription to WATCH IT for the entire month and free megabytes so you can watch the latest and best series! You will also get another gift the day after you renew your bundle!

Because we appreciate your loyalty, watch all Ramadan 2024 series Bedon Sabeq Enzar for Asr Yasin & Aisha Ben Ahmed, Beit Al-Refay by Amir Karara & said Ragab, El-Maalm for Mostafa Shaban & Hagar Ahmed or any other series and programs on WATCH IT without any ads, at your convenience.

Vodafone RED

Vodafone RED Is bringing you FREE WATCH IT & Shahid VIP Subscriptions during Ramadan 2024 . With RED, enjoy exclusive benefits offered to you within your bundle all for free

Get free subscription to Watchit & Shahid with Vodafone on Ramadan. Enjoy the Latest Entertainment Apps in the Market that Fit your Needs.

If you are a RED customer press Here and get 10 GBs for free and play Fawazeer Vodafone.

RED gives you free subscriptions for Shahid VIP, WATCH IT, OSN Streaming, Anghami Plus, beIN CONNECT & StarzPlay all year-long. You will now effortlessly enjoy watching all your favorite Ramadan Series that are available on Shahid & WATCH IT without any ads or interruptions.

Discover the biggest line-up and binge-watch on all this year’s exclusive series like El-Hashasheen featuring Karim Abd El-Aziz & Fathi Abd El-Wahab, Atabat El-Bahga featuring Yehia Al-Fakharani & Jomana Morad, Embratoret Meem for Khaled Al-Nabawy & Hala Sheha, Al Kabeer Awy season 8 for Ahmed Mekky, Farawla for Nelly Karim and many more unlimited series that are all available in your free Shahid & WATCH IT Subscriptions.

Vodafone Flex

A World of entertainment this Ramadan!

This Ramadan, enjoy the latest and best TV shows with Flex for free! Staring from Flex 70, customers can enjoy FREE subscriptions to WATCH IT , Shahid VIP Mobile and Anghami Plus Arabic ! See what’s happening with Ramadan 2024

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Get free subscription to Watchit & Shahid with Vodafone on Ramadan. Enjoy the Latest Entertainment Apps in the Market that Fit your Needs.

If you are a Flex customer press Here and get your Free entertainment.

Vodafone Cash Promo

Thanks you for all the times ahead

Pay & transfer everyday with VF Cash to win gifts today and tomorrow.

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Thank you for all the times ahead

Pay & transfer everyday with VF Cash to win gifts today and tomorrow. 
Gift Terms and Conditions: 
•    E-money and telecom units gifts are valid for redemption for 3 days. 
      o    E-money voucher gifts expire after 3 days. 
      o    Telecom units gifts expire after 1 day. 
•    It costs 1pt to redeem e-money gift. 
•    You can only issue VCN with the exact amount of the e-money gift or less. 
•    You can only win up 10 gifts per month. 
•    You can’t get a gift when making a second transfer to the same mobile number. 
•    Eligible transaction types
     o    Deposit 
     o    Money transfer 
     o    Recharge 
     o    Flex bundle renewal 
     o    Bill payment 
     o    ADSL renewal 
     o    Utility bill payment
     o    Installments 
     o    Online payment card purchases
What can I use my cashback e-money gift for?
1)    Recharge your balance 
2)    Vodafone bill payments
3)    ADSL renewal 
4)    Utility bill payment
5)    Installments 
6)    Online payment card purchases
7)    Purchases from our partners 
8)    Discount vouchers from our partners