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Home Wireless
Home Internet without Landline

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Bundle Price Quota
Home Wireless 150 150 EGP 40 GB
Home Wireless 300 300 EGP 135 GB
Home Wireless 500 500 EGP 250 GB
Home Wireless 800 800 EGP 400 GB


Enjoy your FREE bundle and stay connected without a landline!

RED Essential RED Advance RED Prime RED Elite
FREE bundle

Home Wireless 150
40 GB
FREE bundle

Home Wireless 150
40 GB
FREE bundle

Home Wireless 300
135 GB
FREE bundle

Home Wireless 300
135 GB
  • For RED customers, enjoy installment options and pay 30 EGP over 25 months.

  • To enjoy installment options, make sure that your line has not been suspended for past 3 month.

  • RED customers can enjoy the offer only once.

*After consuming the granted Giga Bytes, your internet access will be blocked to give you full over what you pay. To access the internet one more time, you can choose between different portfolio of Add-ons.

Add-ons Bundles
Add-On bundle Bundle Price
6 Gigabyte 50 L.E
12.5 Gigabytes 100 L.E
  • Add-ons can be used at any time of the day.

  • Add-ons are valid until bundles renewal date.

Add-ons can be purchased upon request or renew. On demand:
  • Add-on validity expires with main bundle

  • No rollover for Add-on quota

  • The Add-on renews automatically with the main bundle renewal

  • No rollover for Add-on quota

Home Wireless Routers
Specifications Home Wireless Home Wireless Plus
Speed Up to 150 Mbps High speeds up to 400 Mbps
Users Connects up to 32 users Connects up to 64 users
Wi-Fi Coverage Coverage up to 100 m² Strong indoor coverage of up to 200 m²
Price 999 LE. Or installment up to 12 months zero interest through Credit Cards 1,400 LE. Or installment up to 12 months zero interest through Credit Cards


You can now manage your data account by visiting vf.eg/internet or www.vodafone.com.eg/internet
Through this page you can track and inquire about the below (Make sure to be connected on Home Wireless Wi-fi ) :

  1. Your data number.

  2. Data Usage.

  3. Know your renewal date.

  4. Inquire about balance.

  5. Recharge online.

  6. Purchase (Add-ons) Extra megabytes.

  7. Line status.

Check out the Activation Guide
  • Router is locked on first location& service location can be set 3 times per year

  • You can now use the service in two different locations by adding “Second location” feature for 40L.E per year by sending an empty SMS to “8080”and enjoy a seamless experience between your two favorite locations.

  • Steps for setting/resetting your location:

  • 1- Input IP address written on the bottom of the router then insert your password

  • 2- Select tools

  • 3- Send new SMS to “ 8070 ” containing the word “ Home Wireless ”

  • 4- You will receive a confirmation SMS after setting your location Or you can insert the router’s SIM card into your mobile phone and send an SMS to 8070 containing the word “ Home Wireless ”

*If you are not connected to Home Wireless Wi-Fi, you can track and manage your account through AnaVodafone, vf.eg/usb or by dialing *2828# or calling 2828

Terms & Conditions:
  • Mega Home wireless quota will apply only on the specified device bought with the bundle.

  • Add-ons are valid till bundle renewal date

  • Rollover feature: the remaining quota from your previous bundle will be transferred to the next bundle upon on-time renewal, and the quota will be valid for one month.

  • Bundle price are tax exclusive.

  • TOD voucher for the tournament is eligible only for new customers on tariffs Home Wireless 500 and above.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Connects up to 32 users simultaneously

  • Speed up to 150 mbps depending on the network

  • Coverage area up to 100 meters

  • If there is a single spot in your house where there is a good 4G network, that would be sufficient because you can place the router there.

  • Insert the Sim card in the router

  • Plug-in the router

  • Open the Wifi connection of the device you wish to use

  • Change the password of the router for more security:
    Type the router default gateway IP in the address bar:
    Type the default administrator router’s credentials (User name & Password): admin
    Click Change Now, and type the current password: admin, then type the new password twice in the next two text boxes then to click Apply
    For more information and instructions download the router manual