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Welcome to Flex! Join the rate plan that offers you the best bundles on the market, tailored to meet all your telecom needs. Flex bundles offer you flexes that you can use on either voice, social media or other Internet browsing. Anything you want, Flex has you covered!

More information about Flex

  • Share your bundle with your family! Flex Family is a feature, starting from the Flex 80 bundle, that allows you to add or remove members to your family and distribute part of your bundle to your family members. Members of the family can call each other for free (250 minutes per family member) all year long even if your bundle is not renewed. If your family members run out of Flexes, there is no need to worry because you can send them some of yours for free.
  • You can add or remove member through Ana Vodafone or by calling *909# for free.
  • You can distribute 10%, 20% or 40% of your bundle and transfer up to 100% of your Flexes to family members through the Ana Vodafone application or by calling *909# for free.
  • To transfer flexes to family members, you can use the Ana Vodafone application or call *880# for free.
  • To renew your bundle, visit the Ana Vodafone application and renew through the Flex management page. You can also renew by calling *225# for free and selecting “renew my bundle.” If you renew your bundle on time, any remaining Flexes will rollover to your next bundle.

To manage your Flexes and to find out all the latest offers, visit the Flex management page on the Ana Vodafone application. You can inquire on your consumption, your rate plan and you can manage your consumption. You can also do that by calling *880# for free and following the instructions.

You can also enjoy the following services with Flex:

  • If you want to know if your call will cost you 1 or 2 minutes per Flex, call *02*thenumber#
  • Make international calls (5 Flexes = 1 second)
  • Select a ring back tone (5 flex = 1 day)
  • Missed Call Keeper service (5 flex = 1 day)
  • Black List (5 flex = 1 day)
  • For bundle usage inquiry, call *60# for free.
  • If you have a prepaid line, call *880# for free to switch to a Flex bundle.
  • To find check your current balance, call *60*7# for free.
  • To find out the cost of a call after each call, call *9001# for 1pt.


Now you will be able to transfer your Flexes to any Vodafone number. Send your extra Flexes to your friends and loved ones with great ease.

Number of Flexes that you can transfer:

  • 50 Flexes for 50 PT
  • 100 Flexes for 1 LE
  • 150 Flexes for 1.5 LE
  • 200 Flexes for 2 LE
  • 250 Flexes for 2.5 LE
  • Family owners can transfer flexes to family members for free

To transfer Flexes to others, call *880*the number you want to transfer flexes to*the number of flexes you want to transfer#


​​​​Terms and Conditions:

Eligible rate plans are Flex and prepaid lines and those not eligible are postpaid and enterprise lines.

  • You can transfer up to 50% from your main bundle.
  • You can receive up to 250 Flexes per month.
  • The received Flexes expire with the renewal date of the sender or within a maximum of 7 days.
  • You have to finish the received Flexes first to be able to receive new Flexes again.
  • This service is available after spending a month on your rate plan.
  • This service is not available for customers enjoying double the Flexes promo.
  • To opt-out from this service, call 888.


  • You can renew your Flex bundle by visiting the Flex management page on the Ana Vodafone application or by calling *225# for free and selecting “renew my bundle.”
  • Make sure you don’t finish all your Flexes on the internet by setting a limit to MBs consumed from your Flexes. Call *880*23# for free and enter the maximum limit you’d like to consume on the internet in multiples of 5.
  • If you finish your Flex bundle and still want to enjoy browsing the internet, there’s no need to worry! Call *2000# for free and select the best mobile internet bundle for you.

  • The Flexaweya service is available on all the new Flex bundles and they are:
    • Flex 25
    • Flex 35
    • Flex 60
    • Flex 80
    • Flex 100
    • Flex 150
    • Flex 200
  • The Flexaweya service will be automatically added to all new Flex customers
  • Current Flex customers can subscribe to the Flexaweya service by calling *02# for free or through the Ana Vodafone application
  • Those who subscribe to the Flexaweya service will be getting more value on their Flex bundle because now 1 Flex = 2 Minutes to any Flex number
  • The maximum limit for Flexaweya (1 Flex = 2 Minutes to any Flex number) is 40% of the flexes of your main bundle
  • To enjoy the Flexaweya service, the customer must have renewed their bundle
  • The receiving customer needs to have renewed their bundle at least once in the past 4 months
  • After finishing your bundle, you will be charged 19 PT for any minute, SMS or Megabyte.
  • The free WhatsApp service quota is 200MBs and is renewed with every bundle renewal. The remaining WhatsApp MBs will not be rolled over to the new bundle.
  • Social media and music websites include: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Anghami.