Flexaweya Discounts

Flex's discounted meals with our partners :
For all customers with active Flex bundles, visit the nearest store for any of our partners below and ask for your Flex discount!


Discounts starting at 36%

Pizza Hut

Discounts starting at 48%


Discounts starting at 51%

KFC Flex Discounts

Crispy Strips Meal: 4 Crispy strips + 1 Large rice + 1 Small Coleslaw + 1 Bun for 99.99EGP instead of 205 EGP

Family Meal: 4 Chicken Pieces + 4 Crispy Strips + 4 Large rice + Coleslaw large + 4 Buns for 249EGP instead of 552 EGP

Individual Meal: 2 Chicken Pieces + 1 Crispy Strip + 1 large Rice + 1 Coleslaw + 1 Pepsi + 1 Bun for 99.99EGP instead of 221EGP


Pizza Hut Flex Discounts

- Squared pizza (margarita, pepperoni or veggie) + potato wedges + salad + Pepsi for 70 EGP instead of 210 EGP

- Pan pizza medium (margarita, pepperoni, veggie or spicy hot dog) + Pepsi for 70 EGP instead of 135 EGP

Pizza Hut

Hardees Flex Discounts

- Chicken fillet sandwich + cheeseburger + Pepsi for 70 EGP instead of 119 EGP

-Famous cheese sandwich + cheeseburger + Pepsi for 70 EGP instead of 109 EGP


Vodafone Egypt has the right to change any of the conditions of the Flex Discounts program without returning to the customer. For Example(Not inclusive to):

  • Ending the Flex discounts program
  • Customer must have their Flex bundle renewed in order to enjoy Flex discounts
  • Changing Flex discounts partners
  • Change Flex discounts services
  • If a customer changes their rateplan to a non-Flex tariff they are no longer eligible to Flex discounts
  • Flex discounts can be redeemed from our partners given that there are no violations to partners’ own Terms&Conditions.
  • Vodafone Egypt isn’t responsible for any occurring direct or indirect problem between customers & partners.
  • This offer is valid for a limited time.