Be protected on your phone

Vodafone protects your cards, your mobile phone, and your identity

Be protected

Card security

• If you received a message or a call from someone pretending to be one of Vodafone customer service representatives and tries to steal your bank account information by predicting expiry date or your first or last number of the card, don’t be deceived and don’t give them any of your credentials
• Take care of the scam calls trying to get last or first 6 digits of scratch recharge cards in return for a gift or anything and don’t give them any information unless you called our official customer service number by yourself as the fraudster retrieve the rest of the recharge card number and use it for themselves

Mobile Security

• In case you lost your mobile phone, report to the police immediately with your phone serial number also call our customer service to deactivate your sim card, if you want to know your phone’s serial number dial *#06#
keep data on your mobile secure by locking the phone and setting up strong passwords
• Never store personal details like passwords or PINs in texts, emails or notes
• Switch off features such as Bluetooth when you're not using them

Protecting your identity

• Take care of identity theft through taking over your user’s account on the App, Website, or SIM Swap via sending you your OTP code upon certain transactions, fraudster gets that code from you through scam calls. that can reach to taking over the whole personal life of the user by taking over user’s social media accounts.
• If you received a message or a call from unofficial number from someone claiming to be one of Vodafone customer service representatives and tries to take your credentials in order to renew your Sim card information or Ana Vodafone app information, don’t give them any of your credentials.
• Never put your ID photo or scanned in your phone gallery, also if you have to send it to anyone please use a trusted ID encryption application.

Wangiri Fraud

• If you received a missed call from an unrecognized international number, don’t call back because the fraudsters generating the missed calls hope that their international numbers will be called back so that they can profit from your balance


• If you received a message with an unknown or unofficial link to renew your calls, data or ADSL bundle or to get more details about your consuming rate, don’t click on the link.
• Take care of phishing attempts, when you receive an unknown link don’t click on it and if it redirects you to another page never put your credentials

Social Engineering:

• If you received a message or a call from someone claiming to be one Vodafone customer service representatives and requests money transfer through bank, cash or any other method to be able to win a prize from Vodafone, be assured that this is not Vodafone because Vodafone never ask for any fees in return of a prize.
• In case Vodafone launches any competition, check the source of the message before any action, because fraudsters might take advantage of the situation in conjunction with the time of the real competition

If you faced any of these situations, take care it might be a fraud or theft attack. Please visit our store for inquiries or follow any of the below to ensure credibility:

  • Contact the Customer care on (888)
  • Visit our official website:

or application Ana Vodafone

  • Check our Facebook page:

Instagram page

or our official YouTube channel for more information ..

Be protected from Fraudulent attempts