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Vodafone Egypt Sustainability Report

Vodafone Egypt Sustainability Report for the year ending March 2023

Vodafone Egypt is a purpose-led brand guided by an unwavering commitment to “Connecting For A Better Future”. By enabling inclusive and sustainable digital societies through our products, our services, and our development initiatives, we action our purpose of leaving no one behind and actively improving the lives of Egyptians.

We are committed to positively impacting Egypt’s economy, contributing to the development of its workforce, supporting the country’s digital transformation, and working rigorously to achieve financial inclusion – all while reducing our environmental footprint.

At the same time, our expertise and scale as a global business gives us a unique opportunity to drive positive change beyond our local market, as we work to build a better, connected, and sustainable digital society that is inclusive for all and where technology and connectivity can improve individual lives and change our collective future.

Executive Summary

This year’s report is showcasing how Vodafone Egypt uses its technology and expertise to create positive social and environmental impacts, providing digital enablement to the community we are serving. Moving from section to section, the report focuses on Vodafone Egypt being a digital changemaker to deliver on our purpose – by carving out digital solutions that drive a better world for all people, businesses in numerous key sectors, communities in need of development, as well as the economy and the planet. Through the company’s innovative, market-leading products, initiatives, collaborations, and programs it has been able to bridge the gap in the Egyptian market when it comes to actioning change through digital solutions that drive lasting value for all stakeholders and create positive outcomes for all.
For a brief overview on our 2023 Sustainability Report, please read the Executive Summary:


Actioning Our Purpose


Digitalizing Business

  • In an era where technology is reshaping an already dynamic business landscape, the intersection of digital and business has become the driving force behind transformative change. Digital technologies elevate businesses through the creation of efficiencies, cost reduction, service enhancement, and the generation of data that reinforces informed decision-making. Vodafone Business Egypt stands as a catalyst in this digital evolution, propelling enterprises of all sizes towards a future defined by innovation and efficiency.


Digitalizing Critical Sectors

  • Certain sectors shoulder the responsibility of shaping our collective wellbeing. We recognise the transformative potential of digitalisation in these foundational areas, from healthcare to agriculture and beyond. By exploring the intersection of technology and vital sectors, we can propel the nation forward towards its digital transformation goals while at the same time driving unparalleled value for economic growth and societal wellbeing.


Gigabit Network

  • Improved quality of connectivity services is a powerful tool for social empowerment and transformation. In emerging markets where much of the population exists in rural areas, telecommunication providers like Vodafone Egypt have a unique responsibility to expand network services including voice, video, and data through increased broadband access. On a national level, Egypt’s vision is to enable the development of a knowledge-based society and a strong digital economy. Our position as a leading local network operator means that we share that vision — to improve the quality of life for millions of people, reduce inequalities, foster innovation, and create new opportunities for economic growth to enhance Egypt’s standing regionally and internationally.


Access for all

  • Digital accessibility, regardless of location, ability, or background, is a fundamental right that empowers individuals and communities. However, we are aware that there are several barriers in the local market, such as lack of awareness, digital skills, and the high upfront cost of smartphones. As one of the leading players in the telecommunication sector, it is our responsibility to enable more Egyptians to enjoy the benefits of 4G connectivity, including faster speeds, better quality, and access to a wide range of digital services and applications.


Propositions for Equality

  • We are aware of the growing societal challenges that affect millions of people in Egypt and beyond. These include the lack of access to quality education, persistent gender gaps, limited financial inclusion, and widespread poverty. We believe that digital technology can be a powerful force for good, enabling us to create innovative solutions towards an equal and inclusive society. We implement various programmes that empower individuals, schools, and provide communities with digital skills, tools, and support them through offering opportunities for a better life.


Workplace Equality

  • At Vodafone Egypt, we are steadfast in our commitment to creating a workplace that champions equality, embraces diversity, and fosters inclusivity. We firmly believe that our success in the telecommunications industry is intrinsically tied to our ability to develop a workforce that mirrors the diverse communities and societies we serve. Our purpose is not merely to provide connectivity; it is to make the world more connected, inclusive, and sustainable, where every individual can feel a sense of belonging and have his/her needs addressed. This commitment to fostering inclusivity and equality begins with our people.


Responding to Climate Change

  • At Vodafone, we are unwavering in our dedication to shaping a better future for everyone through digital transformation. As part of our mission, we are committed to minimizing our negative effects on the environment and promoting decarbonization. Energy conservation, more effective resource use, and the development of a circular economy all depend on digital technology. Our digital networks and technology have a significant impact on climate change mitigation.


Reducing Carbon Emissions

  • In our unyielding commitment to curbing emissions across our own operations and as digital demands increase, Vodafone Egypt steadfastly invests in a wide array of energy efficiency measures and technologies to reduce GHG emissions. This ongoing dedication is not only aligned with our role in the evolving digital landscape but also mirrors our resolute response to the ever-pressing challenge of climate change.


Driving Circularity

  • At the heart of Vodafone Egypt’s planet strategy lies the pivotal concept of circularity. This strategic paradigm shift revolves around embracing a systems approach that considers the complete lifecycle of resources, aiming to eradicate waste and minimise our ecological footprint. Our unwavering commitment to circularity not only underscores our response to pressing environmental challenges but also drives us to maximise the utility of resources, all while championing responsible material recovery and reuse.

Our People

Our People

Working at Vodafone is sharing a common culture of values that define how we think, act, and collaborate, this what we call Spirit of Vodafone.

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