Vodafone Social Engagement

Social Engagement

As one of the Egypt leading communications companies, we are proud of the role that we play in bringing this social good to more than 45 million mobile customers across all governorates. From Cairo to the remote and the poorest villages in Upper Egypt.

The Vodafone Egypt Foundation for social development “a corner stone of our social footprint” stand in heart of our sustainability model of doing good development.

Social Good Initiatives

  • Share Elkheir “a new way of doing social good” Share Elkheir is an online platform and mobile application that makes it easier for you to give back! Now with Vodafone you can help others know where to better direct their charitable contributions. Just by sharing the type of charitable activity you undertook and pinning where it took place on the map, you help others figure out which places have already received help and which are still in need.

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  • Vodafone Volunteering Program “Yalla Sharek”

    Our Volunteers are key to the success of all our Sustainability and community development projects both internally and externally. Without the manpower, support and dedication of our caring employees, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much as we have now.
    All developmental and charitable activities done by Vodafone since its inception in 2002 were accomplished through our steamed volunteers whether through planning, physical effort, or contribution with personal or professional skills.
    Employee engagement is one of the most important pillars to us in Vodafone and we make sure our employees not only feel part of a team but part of an admired workplace that gives back to the society in which it operate.

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