Thank you for all the moments with us.

With every VF Cash transaction, you’ll win cash back based on the years you’ve spent with us.

Gift Terms and Conditions:

  • E-money and telecom units gifts are valid for redemption for 3 days.
  • E-money voucher gifts expire after 3 days.
  • Telecom units gifts expire after 1 day.
  • It costs 1pt to redeem e-money gift.
  • You can only use e-money voucher gift once. If you don’t use the entire amount the remaining amount will be lost.
  • You can only win up 10 gifts per month.
  • You can’t get a gift when making a second transfer to the same mobile number.
  • Eligible transaction types
    • Deposit
    • Money transfer
    • Recharge
    • Flex bundle renewal
    • Bill payment
    • ADSL renewal
    • Utility bill payment

What can I use my cashback e-money gift for?

  1. Recharge your balance
  2. Bill payments: Vodafone bill, electricity, gas, water and other bill types.