Virtual Private Cloud


Cloud services have been considered as one of the most impactful innovations of the digital era. Businesses felt the urge to keep up with the massive technological enhancements and step up their game. One way to reach this is easing the process of delivering hosted services over the internet. This concludes the concept of Cloud Services which includes: databases, storage, server, and networking.

Cloud services assist in better management of your company’s IT infrastructure, and can be scaled and varied according to the needs of your business. Furthermore, it allows a smooth data store, connectivity, recovery and backup, automatic software update, and disaster recovery. There's indeed a high demand on different cloud services; it’s the key for faster and more flexible operations. Through these services, a business will be able to define and control a virtual network where it will have a secure place on the public cloud. This can be maintained using Infrastructure as a Service ‘IaaS’, more specifically using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). 

              Virtual Private Cloud Services is a virtualized cloud environment where your data center can be deployed in minutes on Vodafone’s cloud. The services are a fully customizable pool of computing resources, provided with advanced security and operations features such as: operating system license. Benefit your enterprise from Vodafone’s world-class infrastructure along with an unmatched experience. For over a decade, Vodafone have had a unique presence in hosting cloud business in the Egyptian market; using its leading edge technology.

               The Hybrid-Cloud capability Vodafone offers, assists enterprises to be ahead of the game. Through this, customers can extend the customer corporate network into the cloud by connecting VPC to the company’s private cloud using a VPN connection or to his traditional data center. Moreover, it hosts security-demanding services like Multi-Tiers Business Applications such as: web tier, application tier, and database tier. Businesses are on a rapid growth daily, hence IT infrastructure should be coping with the on-going growth. Some of the coping mechanisms would be having the freedom of scaling your IT infrastructure in a cost effective manner and assure a smooth transition to cloud. 

              Vodafone has been known as the leading vendor in Cloud Services, with a remarkable contribution that assures the best services are offered through its top technology. There are several ways that Vodafone adapted. Starting from offering flexible configurations that are willing to cater for different demands. Moreover, the on demand automated provisioning where you get your Virtual Machine immediately after finalizing your customization. Through Self-Service Portal, you get an exclusive monitor over your company's Virtual Machines, this includes accessing, managing, and terminating them. Security is another factor which is of tremendous importance to Vodafone, that’s why our cloud security is continuously

ensured by continuous scans. This is done through applying the best multi-layer security controls, and following the best practices applied by security technology vendors.

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