Co-location “Aaas”


Cloud services have been considered as one of the most useful innovations of the century. Due to the massive technological advancements that had a vital role in businesses and other activities there was an urge to ease the process of delivering hosted services over the internet. Simply, that’s the idea of Cloud Services which includes databases, storage, servers, and networking.

Cloud services assist in better management of your company’s IT infrastructure and can be scaled according to the needs of your business. Furthermore, it allows a smooth data store, recovery and backup, automatic software update, and disaster recovery. There is indeed a high demand on different cloud services; it’s the key for faster and more flexible operations. Through these services, a business can utilize various cost-effective solutions while focusing on their core of interest. One way this can be achieved is through using Availability as a Service ‘AaaS’ or in other words “Co-Location” services.


Co-Location services allow you to outsource data center management functions where you can fully control your company-owned software and hardware. This does not only give the flexibility needed in the business world to cope with on-going growth. But also, puts your business ahead and ensures its sustainability in the long run giving you the room and opportunity to focus on innovation. Co-Locations services are not only a smart and a safe way to excel in the digitalization race, it also keeps the company focused on its main activities domain.

Vodafone’s co-location services provide power, space, cooling, and security for the networking equipment, server, and storage in state-of-art data centers. Vodafone owns a several.

of secure and modern Data centers that are ideally distributed across Egypt. Through a leading-edge network, you can have all of your data in our data centers with a flexible and diverse capacity, reduced cost, and highest levels of the security. We understand the insatiable thirst for online storage and bandwidth indicates that the demand on data centers have never been higher. This makes them of great importance and accordingly making them function properly and safely is of a momentous importance.

One way to maintain proper functionality is by having an adequate heat cooling system; data centers consume immense amounts of energy. This is what makes Vodafone Strive for maintaining an adequate cooling system for its data centers. The cutting-edge technologies used in cooling does not only guarantee stellar performance but also prevent any small chance of facing a fire through the used materials. This makes this solution’s location compliant with Tier III standards from Uptime with an availability delivered up to 99.9%.

Co-Location services plans are considerably cost efficient compared to on-site hosting cloud. This is due to the built-in benefits provided, such as different forms of security and on the hour support. On the contrary, the performance is not compromised as Vodafone’s co-location services still show high levels of security and support. All data in Vodafone’s data centers is being in-and-out encrypted, which assures a high level of security. Vodafone Egypt offers services that are best suited to serve global customers with a unified seamless service. Moreover, its broad geographic footprint assists businesses optimize their processes, improve productivity, and boost growth.

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