Business SMS Service

Business (SMS) will enable you to extend your business reach and enjoy direct personalized relationships with your customers/employees regardless of their mobile network, promote any service or product via SMS with your company’s name at the lowest price.

The service is provided through web solution (E’len) in addition to API integration to connect customer’s application directly with Vodafone Business SMS Gateway.

Eager to extend your business reach? With our Business SMS Service, you can enjoy direct personalized relationships with your customers or employees regardless of their mobile network, and promote any service or product via SMS with your company’s name at the lowest price.

Service features

1.Message Sender ID: Your company’s name will appear to the SMS receivers instead of a phone number: Example: “From: MYCOMPANY” “instead of: 010xxxxxxx”

2.Message Length: You can send one SMS or long message (more than one segmented SMS in one message):

•Length of one SMS includes up to 160 English characters or 70 Arabic characters.

•Length of one long message equal total length of segmented SMSs. Each one segmented SMS includes up to 153 English characters or 67 Arabic characters

E’len web portal features

Exclusive to Business SMS subscribers  Targeted Advertisement campaigns can be launched directly through E’len web portal with no need to refer to sales team
  • a.Normal campaign:
  • i.Sent with a static (fixed) content to all receivers
  • b.Customized campaign
  • i.Sent with variable text to the receivers. i.e., every SMS will be generated with different text through same campaign
  • 2. Schedule Campaigns: Sending the campaign automatically based on the chosen date and it will be repeated based on the frequency rate (Once/Daily/Weekly/Monthly) or distributed among chosen days
  • 3.Templates: Create & Save new templates.
  • 4. Delivery reports: The customer will be able to view the below data.
  • • Four types of reports exist:
  • o E’len Campaigns reports
  • o Targeted Campaigns reports
  • o API traffic reports
  • o Receiver Report (enable searching by specific Receiver MSISDN and get all SMSs received by this MSISDN through either API or campaigns)
  • • Campaign traffic insights are available on E’len web solution including:
  • o Campaign status
  • o Campaign history
  • o Progress bar with percentage for each campaign
  • o Monthly Consumed Quota history VS remaining Quota
  • • Export campaign report with the below data :
  • o Campaign Name
  • o Creation Date
  • o Start Date
  • o End Sending Time
  • o Campaign Status
  • o Number of Recipients
  • o Number of SMSs
  • o Number of sent SMSs
  • o Number of Failed SMSs
Contact List:
  • • Lists are divided into two different types (Normal/Customized) to be used according to the chosen campaign types.
  • • Add new list:
  • o Import from existing file (XLSV, XLS, CSV)
  • o Import from another created list
  • o Blank list (insert mobile number manually)
  • • Update, save & delete list

Know more about E'len SMS rates

Know more
  • Service fees are tax exclusive.
  • For Yearly and One-Off bundles: Service fees are paid in advance after service activation.
  • For Monthly and PAYG: Monthly service fees are paid on monthly bill after service activation.
  • For Monthly bundles: 1 month carry over is allowed.
  • 24/7 technical support available via:
    • Email:
    • Call 5080 – From any Vodafone number or 01020001111

Targeted SMS Campaigns

• Vodafone provides targeted advertisement service to reach Vodafone network users enabling enterprise customers to address needed audience by chosen the relevant criteria

Vodafone provides a targeted advertisement service for Vodafone network users, enabling enterprise customers to address their target audience by choosing the relevant criteria

• Criteria could be: social economic class / home location / Gender / Age groups / Internet user or not

• Service is provided through Vodafone enterprise sales team

• SMS content can reach: 306 English character or 134 Arabic character

LBA (Location Based Advertisements)
  • LBA is used to pinpoint VF-users’ location & and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile device.
  • we can target any location based on Google Maps URL + Location Official Name.
  • b.Customized campaign
  • service is provided through Vodafone enterprise sales team