AI & Data Analytics

Vodafone Egypt AI and data analytics products empower our enterprise customers with enhanced decision-making capabilities, improved customer experiences, operational efficiency, risk management, cost optimization, and a competitive advantage in the market.

As the leading telecom operator in Egypt with ~45% market share, Vodafone can provide so much more than just a representative sample. With nearly half of Egypt’s population interacting daily with our network, our data is capable of accurately segmenting customers based on rich attribute sets that’s capable of building a very accurate character personas for all your different market segmentation & targeting needs, also we can help our customers to enhance their decisions through our data, technical & analytical capabilities to offer them AI products and services that can help them to have a data driven decisions.

All AI products & services are subject to Egyptian laws including but not limited to data protection, privacy, disclosure regulations, and GDPR compliance.

All our products & services are provided through Vodafone Enterprise Sales team, so our customers just need to contact their Account Managers for AI products & services.

Business Geo-Expansion
  • Want to know where will be your next store? How can you expand your business? What attributes & variables will be taken into consideration? Vodafone Egypt can Help you to select the best location across Egypt to be your next expansion spot.
  • Using the unlimited capabilities of new technologies including AI, Data science & Big Data analytics we can guide our customers to the best location they can expand their business, fitting their products, client’s personas & strategy.
AI Smart targeting
  • If you want to increase the convergence rate of your marketing campaigns? you have a target customer profile that you want to contact Vodafone can help you to target the segment you are targeting.
  • Identifying where key audiences for advertising campaigns can be targeted. Making the most of geo-marketing, targeting campaigns at segments within a precise geographic area to optimize return on investment.
  • Our customers can reach their targeted personas either using our AI Smart Targeting SMS or AI Smart Targeting VAS call centers, we can collect all the necessary criteria from our customer, and they can reach their target audience through SMS or VAS Call Center.
AI Consultancy Services
  • AI consultancy services can help our enterprise customers use AI & Data analytics technologies and capabilities to improve their businesses. Our AI consultants can: Formulate a well-defined business objective and determine whether an AI technique is the best option for achieving it. Design, build, and deploy an AI application that fits your business objectives. Provide employee training about AI technologies.
  • Consultancy services include but is not limited to, Strategy formulation, Building an accurate & solid commercial models, Supply Chain planning, Logistics & routes optimization, Training services and other services.