Technology has transformed businesses around the globe; the demand for more efficient and faster operations have never been higher. The strive for automated operations does not only reduce the costs in the long run. It also enhances productivity, progress businesses process, expands to new markets, enhances customer experience, and generates additional revenue streams. The Internet of Things ‘IoT’ is a live example of how technology can revolutionize the working place. IoT is a network of physical devices that are embedded with software, sensors, and network connectivity to collect and exchange data. IoT makes everyday objects ‘smart’ by enabling them to transmit data and automate tasks, without requiring any manual intervention.

IoT offers numerous benefits for organizations; most of the modern enterprises are leveraging IoT to automate and simplify their daily tasks. IoT devices can vary from small wearables up to a whole smart city with sensors across all of its regions. Simply, any device which is capable of being connected to the internet is a candidate for an IoT device. Vodafone’s market leading IoT services can help your business progress tremendously, it can contribute to numerous fields and industries such as:  

  • Health Care: Vodafone’s IoT expertise assisted business in resuming operations in times of uncertainty due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Thermal Cameras are installed to monitor the body temperature of all individuals entering the premises and through facial recognition technology check if they are wearing a mask. 
  • Building Management: keeping premises and people protected is a vital part of a successful business operation. State-of-the-art technology in Vodafone’s Ready Security Services helps your business conquer safety and security issues that you might face through live surveillance. Moreover, it helps your business reduce its cost through Energy Management and HVAC Management.
  • Cars and Vehicles: Some industries rely heavily on vehicles for numerous business operations. Drive your business further through Vodafone’s edge technology represented in fleet services. Through real time tracking, regulating fuel costs, better reach and safety for the drivers, time efficiency, and improving the overall quality of the service and customer satisfaction.   
  • Agriculture: As a pioneer global IoT player, Vodafone bridged the gap between production and quality and quantity yield. For instance, the irrigation process can be monitored in a way where no water will be wasted. Moreover, it can be taken further and synchronized with a weather forecast application for better irrigation process. 
  • Supply Chain Management: Track, alert, analyze, and improve security, conditions, and efficiency with individual asset-level visibility both inside buildings and at outdoor facilities. The service is cost effective and scalable according to your business needs.

Vodafone Egypt’s edge IoT network does not only guarantee outstanding connection services to best suit global customers, but it also assists you in growing your business through a flexible, secure, and reliable network. Flexibility is obvious in the numerous tariffs ranging from 20 MB all the way to 50 GB. Vodafone’s edge connectivity also provides multiple after bundle options from follow-up with 0.25/MB, renewable add ons and even unlimited traffic with throttling speed for suitable price. Moreover, it blocks traffic, this indicates that SIMs will not generate any data traffic after consuming 100% of the data. Finally, to ensure productivity and smoother operations the service allows shared bundles for businesses that require pools of SIMs rather than individual tariffs.

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