We Consider Vodafone as one of our strategic partners in our Journey of Digital Transformation. Vodafone Thermal Cameras helped CEMEX efficiently apply the precautionary measures it has set to operate safely and fast during the COVID 19 pandemic.

 - Ahmed Gamal, Business Processes and IT Manager, CEMEX Egypt.

The Challenge

As a global building materials company, CEMEX has a solid belief that business and sustainability is a vital combination in our fast-changing world. Sustainability is not only limited to the environmentally friendly products; human well-being is part and parcel of it.


There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had tremendous effects on many aspects of our lives. The consequences were not concluded only in a public health crisis, and global economic upheaval but rather a massive change in all of our daily activities. People around the world had to take certain precautions in an attempt to maintain their daily routines. Besides, the online learning and working from home became the new normal.


However, due to their nature, some industries cannot operate fully remotely; CEMEX is a live example. While it was feasible to conduct desk jobs remotely, yet major business operations phases would demand physical presence. Whereas, protecting the health of all CEMEX employees is a rising priority.


To face the situation and proceed with the business activities, there was an urge to find a way to move forward. Through partnering with Vodafone, CEMEX was able to utilize leading edge thermal imaging technology combined with Vodafone’s market-leading IoT technology to help screen individuals in accessing the premises.


The Solution

Through connecting people, places, and things Vodafone provides unique solutions to succeed in the digital world. This is not only limited to implementing innovative ideas for simpler, faster, and more efficient business but rather understanding the circumstances and acting promptly. Primarily, CEMEX aimed to proceed with their operations while strictly applying their health protocols and safety measures during the pandemic.


The proposed solution was Vodafone’s Thermal Cameras that utilizes their IoT expertise along with forefront thermal imaging technology. The solution is an AI human body detection with the target of detecting multiple body temperatures at the same time, up to 30 people in one minute. The setup allows you to detect the temperature of all employees and visitors entering your premises with an accuracy of ± 0.5°C; to reduce the risks of infection.


Maintaining a certain range for skin temperature within a building or an institution is a positive step towards decreasing the chances of infection. However, this should not be the only precaution that institution takes. Hence, the solution has a face mask detection feature where it has an audio alarm and flashing light alarm. This is considered a more efficient way to monitor that all employees are wearing their face masks throughout their work time.

Why Vodafone?

“At Vodafone Business we take pride in our mission to Digitize Egypt, we’re always looking for better & smarter solutions that are capable of adding value to our customers and help them grow and focus on delivering the best products & services they can offer to their clients. During COVID we were able to adapt our solutions to increase the safety of our customers’ work environment, help them stay connected with their teams & remain successful in a time of crisis.”        

- Ahmed Sedky, Senior Marketing Manager of Business Solutions, Vodafone Egypt.

  • IoT Connectivity Experience: Vodafone’s leading IoT network along with the comprehensive connectivity experience provides reliable integrated solutions.
  • Digital Know How: The digital journey has never been faster. Vodafone solutions helped organizations from different industries around the world in their digital transformation journey.
  • Security and Support: Vodafone supports its (end-to-end) dedicated support teams’ solutions by 24/7 after sales services. Also, customers remain the main and only controller of all the data, measures, accounts, and users to assure security.





CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high-quality products and

reliable services to customers and communities in more than 50 countries. CEMEX has a rich history of improving the well-being of those it serves through innovative building solutions, efficiency advancements, and efforts to promote a sustainable future. CEMEX has been present in Egypt since 1999 after the acquisition of Assiut Cement Company. Besides its business in the manufacturing and sale of cement, ready-mix and aggregates, CEMEX engages in numerous Social Investment projects in Egypt.


For more information about how Vodafone can help the digital transformation of your business, please contact your Vodafone Business Account manager.