Pay with Vodafone Cash and get 20% Cashback (E-money or Telecom)

  • How to get the Cashback?

    Pay with Vodafone Cash on any of our services and get 20% cashback used as E-money or Telecom units for Vodafone and Megabytes.

  • List of Services eligible for the 20% cashback promo:

    • All types of bill payments e.g. Utilities (Gas, water, Electricity) and all others. Capping: 50LE
    • Installments. Capping: 50LE
    • Online Payment Card (VCN). Capping: 50LE
    • Vodafone Play store. Capping: 20 LE

  • Get up to 50LE cashback on:

    • Money transfer
    • Recharge balance
    • Vodafone bill payment
    • ADSL bill payment

  • What can I use my e-money cashback for?

    1) Recharge your balance
    2) Online payment card
    3) All bill payments (Vodafone bill, electricity, etc.)

  • What can’t I use my cashback for?

    1) Money transfer
    2) Money withdrawal

  • Gift Validity and redemption:

    • E-money gift is valid for 3 days.
    • Telecom gift is valid for one day.
    • Cashback can only be used for one transaction. It cannot be split over several transactions.
    • Redeem the gift on Ana Vodafone App or dial *9*300#