Recharge or renew your bundle with Vodafone Cash for a chance to win 10,000 EGP daily and 100,000 EGP weekly!

How to be eligible for the Mega Prizes?

- Recharging your balance or renew your Flex bundle through Vodafone Cash to win 10,000 EGP every day or 100,000 EGP every week on your wallet.

Are there other prize amounts?

- Yes, Recharge or renew your bundle for a chance to win daily E-Money on your wallet:

1) 100 EGP E-Money

2) 500 EGP E-Money

3) 1000 EGP E-Money

- You can also get E-Money or Telecom cashback up to 50 EGP with any of the following through Vodafone Cash:

1) Recharge Balance

2) Flex Renewal

3) Bill Payment

4) ADSL Renewal

- For Flex, you get 30% extra quota when you repurchase your bundle through Vodafone Cash.

What can I use my e-money cashback for?

1) Recharge your balance

2) Online payment card

3) All bill payments (Vodafone bill, electricity, etc.)

what can’t I use my cashback for?

1) Money transfer

2) Money withdrawal

Gift Validity and redemption:

• E-money Prize gift is valid for 5 days to assign and 10 days to redeem.

• Regular E-Money is valid for 3 days.

• Telecom gift is valid for one day.

• Redeem the gift on Ana Vodafone App or dial *9*300#

Terms and Conditions Apply.