Pay Online with Vodafone Cash at Carrefour and get 10% Extra Discount

How to pay online with VF Cash?

• To pay with VF Cash, create an online payment card through Ana Vodafone App or dial *9*100#

• Once card request is made, you will instantly receive card details (Card number, expiry date, CVV).

• On Carrefour’s website checkout enter Promo code VFCASH10, then choose debit/credit card payment method and confirm payment to enjoy the discount.

Card Terms:

• Card is valid for 24 hours or a total of 2 purchases.

• There is no limit to the number of cards you can issue.

• You can’t make a purchase with a higher amount than the issued card.

Discount Offer Terms:

• Get 10% discount up to 150 EGP.

• Minimum order is 800 EGP.

• The discount applies on one transaction only.

Terms and Conditions Apply.