Digital Readiness has been a rising priority for businesses all over the world. One vital aspect of it is having a stable and reliable internet connection. This is due to the continuous strive for bandwidth and internet-based services. Businesses are continuously growing and expanding whether it’s increasing their operations span or literally expanding through having multiple branches locally or globally. This sheds the light on the strategic significance of a WAN to businesses.

Given the fact that businesses are striving to stay connected and embrace their digital transformation journeys. There is no room for any delay or human error in the process, simply the occurrence of this would result in losing revenue and customers whose expectations are higher than ever. As their businesses have greatly relied on various services that accommodates their on-going web-based needs such as: Cloud & IoT services. The higher the demand for more intelligent solutions, the higher the opportunities as well as threats. Businesses with their different natures face the issue of bottlenecks that affect the progress of the entire institution as well as WAN performance. To keep the pace with the businesses’ needs, Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services arose to run networks and benefit from a high bandwidth, low cost, reliable, secure and fast networks.

SD-WAN is an overlay solution that maximizes a network’s end-to-end capabilities through being application driven. It computes the needed path for your traffic, so the private network stays clear for demanding apps while sending less critical data over public networks. This enables SD-WAN to impose Quality of Service (QOS) and guarantee optimal application performance. Moreover, SD-WAN ensures that sensitive data is separated from untrusted traffic which assures high levels of security. All the SD-WAN is fully automated and does not require any interference from any individual.

Vodafone Egypt’s cutting-edge technology provides SD-WAN services with numerous benefits that will caters international needs and enhance your business’ operations. Vodafone’s top network provides fast and agile service which eases managing and adding nodes as well as pushing configuration. Along with secure and efficient world’s leading connectivity which adds firewalls, encrypts data, uses multiple media simultaneously, and dedicates specific applications for each route. This illustrates further capabilities of the service such as: application management and path intelligence. It gives your business the ability to prioritize crucial applications over others ensuring higher efficiency. Automated Branch Deployment is another vital feature provided by Vodafone’s Digital expertise and used for maintenance and updates. Nevertheless, the after sales services and 24/7/365 support services to make your businesses’ digital transformation journey fruitful and remarkable.


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