Megabytes go round and round

Summer Promo for Team 010

Vodafone’s bringing back Team 010. Now, all what you and your team use each day will be gifted to each of you on the following day!

Call *10*Mobile Number# and add 10 of your friends and beloved ones to your team, and all your daily team spend on mobile internet … Vodafone will sum and gift it to each of you on the following day.


Every day, the team that spends the most time on the internet will win a Playstation each!


You can add up to 10 of your friends to your team, so the more you add, the bigger your chances are to win a Playstation!


For instance, if you had 9 members in your team and you spend 1LE on mobile internet today and each of your members spent 1LE, each of you will get 10LE equivalent to use on internet

Not just that, if someone in your team buys a mobile internet bundle, everyone will enjoy double the megabytes the next day

And, if you use more than 25 megabytes on 4G, you will get 4 times the megabytes


To enjoy the promotion:

  1. Add your friends to your team through *10*Mobile Number# for free
  2. On the following day, you and your team will receive a message informing you with you spend on the previous day
  3. Call *10# to redeem your own gift

Terms & Conditions:

  • You’ll start enjoying the proposition once you assemble your team and anyone of you recharges
  • The promotion’s gifts can be used as megabytes
  • You can enjoy the promotion’s gifts for redemption fees and if you do not have enough balance for the redemption fees, you can still enjoy the promotion and it will be deducted once you recharge
  • You can enjoy the gift once you receive an SMS with the gift details on each day
  • You can inquire about your gift through *10*2#
  • The gifts are valid until the end of the day
  • If you want to exit a team or remove someone from your team dial *10*1#  for free
  • The promotion is valid on all prepaid, Flex Control and IN.
  • The promotion is valid for a limited time only.