How to... set up Google SafeSearch™

Google’s SafeSearchTM filters give parents the ability to change their browser setting to prevent adult content from appearing in their children’s search results. Searching online is a popular activity among young people. Whether they’re looking for information to support their hobbies and interests, researching their homework or simply trying to find the answer to a question that’s been niggling them, GoogleTM is often their first port of call. As a parent, you need to be aware that your son or daughter might come across inappropriate content during their online search – even if they’re searching on a seemingly harmless keyword or subject. The good news is that GoogleTM offers a SafeSearchTM feature, which helps you to keep adult content out of search results. SafeSearchTM screens websites that contain sexually-explicit content and removes them from your search results. Whilst no filter is 100% accurate, SafeSearchTM helps your children to avoid inappropriate content online. Please note, this ‘How to’ guide was written in August 2012 so we recommend that you check the Google Help pages for the latest guidance about SafeSearch.

Google Safety Mode Steps