BlackBerry® Parental Controls

  • How to... set up BlackBerry® Parental Controls

    Parental Controls help you have more control over how the features of your child’s BlackBerry® smartphone are used – you can block content, turn features on or off and decide what types of communication are available. A password is required to prevent children and other people from changing the settings. This updated guide explains how to set up the Parental Controls that are built in to BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. The BlackBerry® Parental Controls application is also built in to BlackBerry® 7.1 and is available for download from BlackBerry® World™ for BlackBerry® 5, BlackBerry® 6 and BlackBerry® 7 smartphones. Type ‘Parental Controls’ into the BlackBerry® World™ search box and select the app to download. Please refer to our previous guide on page 54 of Digital Parenting (issue 2). Please note, this 'How to' guide was written in June 2013 so we recommend that you check the BlackBerry Support pages for the latest guidance about Parental Controls.