Windows®7 Parental Controls

  • How to... make the most of Windows®7 Parental Controls

    With so many families having the Microsoft® Windows operating system on their home computer, Digital Parenting takes you through the built-in Parental Controls that Microsoft® offers in Windows®7. As a parent, you might be worried about the amount of time your son or daughter spends on the computer and the kind of games they access. With Parental Controls in Windows®7, it’s easy to supervise your child’s PC use without having to peek over their shoulders. You can set specific time limits on your child’s computer use (e.g. set different logon hours for each day of the week so, if they’re logged on when their allotted time ends, they’ll be automatically logged off). Plus, you can prevent them from playing games that you don’t think are appropriate for their age. To help keep communications open, the Parental Controls icon is always visible so children know when the feature is in use. Please note, this 'How to' guide was written in August 2012 so we recommend that you check the Microsoftwebsite for the latest guidance about Parental Controls.

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