Internship program

Internship Program

If you’re an undergrad student looking for a challenging and exciting experience, join Vodafone’s Internship Program and add some more excitement to your summer/winter. You will get a unique opportunity to explore potential jobs and gain real hands-on experience with Egypt’s Top Employer.

You can find yourself working across different business departments and receiving the right coaching and mentorship. Not to mention, you will also get front-row seats to experience the global Digital Telco business.


The Future is Exciting. Ready ? Get all the details below…


When will this year’s internship take place?


There will be two rounds of the program; Summer internship in July and Winter internship in January. Each will be for one month, and during this time, you will be working 5 days a week; Sundays to Thursdays, at the department that best suits your experience and career aspirations.


What Departments can I apply to?

We have internship opportunities in Technology (Networks and IT), Marketing, Enterprise, HR, Finance, Retail and Customer Care. Based on your current major and your preferences highlighted in the application, we will make sure to find you the best match.

Who is eligible to apply?  

• All undergrad  university students in their 2nd, 3rd year or going to their 4th /5th year in a  4/ 5-year Bachelor’s degree respectively.

• Someone with a GPA of 3.0 or above, or the equivalent to 2 or above for GUC Students. Participating in extra-curricular activities is a plus.

• Someone with fluent English language, strong interpersonal skills, and  ready for new challenges.


What is the process selection process and how long does it take?


time is precious, so we’ve made this process simple, fast and online – saving you the time and effort. You will be doing your interview online using HireVue at the time and place that best suits you.

• Upon submitting your online application, we will do an initial screening to see if you match the criteria.

• If you match the criteria, you will receive an email invitation for a digital interview and an online Situational Judgment Test .

• Full details will be sent to your email a day prior so you can prepare yourself.

• After you’ve conducted the online interview, all you need to do is to wait for the results.

• We aim to announce all those shortlisted by early June to give you time to prepare.

• If you have been selected you will be receiving an email with all the details you need to know.

• So, make sure to check your email regularly. 


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